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    This blog is sponsored by Smart Time Apps. Our flagship product, Smart Time, is an all-in-one time management platform for attorneys, accountants and consultants. The Smart Time on-demand time capture and time entry application enables firms to effectively collect, track and recoup billable time, thereby increasing revenue and profitability. Our mobile apps enable you to do timekeeping anywhere, anytime.

    In this blog we will share our thoughts on timekeeping, industry best practices and how technology can help improve the process.

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Ed Poll from LawBiz Blog Interviews Todd Gerstein on Leaked Time

Todd Gerstein is President of Smart WebParts. He talks about “time leaks” experienced by lawyers. His new product is called “Smart Time.” It’s designed to assist lawyers in capturing time they expended but failed to record. Studies have shown that time is “leaked,” lost or never recorded, to the tune of at least 100 hours per year. At $200 per hour, this is $20,000 in revenue per year that was never billed — and thus lost; simply because of careless lawyer behavior.

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