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    In this blog we will share our thoughts on timekeeping, industry best practices and how technology can help improve the process.

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Smart WebParts Introduces Smart Time Professional and Enterprise Editions

Time Capture + Time Entry Software Allows Professional Services Firms to Recapture Billable Time and Replace Outdated Time Entry Software

LOS GATOS, Calif. – April 8, 2010 –Smart WebParts (www.smart-webparts.com) today announced Smart Time is now available in two editions: Smart Time Professional and Smart Time Enterprise.

Smart Time Professional, formerly called “Smart Time”, is Smart WebParts’ original product.  This edition is ideal for organizations that want to provide their timekeepers with time capture reports, but are not yet ready to replace their legacy time entry system.  Smart Time Enterprise adds time entry functionality to the system.  The Enterprise Edition is designed for organizations that want to replace their legacy time entry systems with a system that includes both time capture and time entry functionality.

Smart Time helps timekeeping professionals, such as lawyers, accountants and consultants, to construct complete and accurate timesheets.  By polling across servers (Exchange, BES, DMS) and phone switches (VoIP and legacy), Smart Time provides timekeepers with a detailed journal of their daily work activities.  Smart Time finds missed or leaked time that may not otherwise get billed, and therefore increases a firm’s billable hours and ultimately its profitability.  The software also reduces wasted time spent reviewing activities to construct timesheets.  A return on investment for the software can be recouped in weeks if not days.

Smart Time Professional Highlights

  • Time Capture
  • Ability to view Time Capture results online
  • Receive automated Time Capture reports of your day’s activities
  • Client matter learning system

Smart Time Enterprise Highlights:

  • All features of Smart Time Professional
  • Classic Time Entry
  • Ability to turn captured events into time entries
  • Smart Timers for stopwatch accuracy
  • Collaborative workspace to work with Assistant
  • Export time entries to time and billing system

“We are very pleased to make Smart Time available in two different editions to meet the exact needs of our clients,” remarked Smart WebParts CEO Todd Gerstein.  “With Smart Time Professional, firms can immediately take advantage of our powerful time capture engine to increase billable hours without swapping out their legacy time entry system.  For firms ready to replace their aging legacy time entry system, Smart Time Enterprise is the right choice. “

For more information about the Smart Time visit www.smart-webparts.com or e-mail info@smart-webparts.com.