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Smart WebParts Adds Innovative “Team and Client Activity Reporting” Module to Smart Time Version 3.1

Manage Professionals and Monitor Client Projects in Real Time

Los Gatos, California – October 7, 2010 – Smart WebParts (www.smart-webparts.com) announced today the availability of its innovative Team and Client Activity Reporting (TACAR) module. TACAR provides real-time activity monitoring to help firms manage teams of professionals and to help internal firm project managers monitor work-in-process for client engagements. TACAR is embedded in Smart Time Version 3.1

According to Todd Gerstein, CEO and founder of Smart WebParts, “Team reporting increases a firm’s visibility into work activity so that it can plan, staff and manage its professional resources. It also offers real-time activity monitoring for the project manager in charge of a client engagement. The module was inspired by our clients who requested we expand the reporting capabilities of Smart Time’s time capture engine.”

Here are the three client requests that inspired TACAR. 

1) Ability for a Partner to Manage Resources from a Distance

In this case, a partner who is often away from his office wanted to know if Smart Time could produce a daily team report that he could use to “monitor, manage and mentor” his associates while out of the office. Neither the partner nor his associates liked the existing method, which required the associates to send an end-of-day email to the partner journaling the day’s activities, or to participate in nightly conference call. 

2) Legal Project Management Monitoring

This request came from a project manager in charge of managing an alternative fee agreement engagement. He wanted an audit trail of when work is completed, which would allow him—in real time—to measure the team’s timeliness and compliance against the project timeline. The project manager had been using hours booked into the accounting system to monitor work, but there was too much lag in the system and not enough detail for it to be useful. 

3) Transparency into Work Completed

Here, a client pushed back on a relatively undetailed bill, asking for greater transparency into what was done, by whom and when. The accounting department asked if Smart Time could be configured to provide chronologies of document, emails, phone calls and appointments for the attorneys who booked time on the bill.