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    In this blog we will share our thoughts on timekeeping, industry best practices and how technology can help improve the process.

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Smart WebParts and AIRTIME-Manager Announce Technology Partnership

Los Gatos, California – February 10, 2011 – Smart WebParts (www.smart-webparts.com), a leading provider of time capture + time entry technology for the legal industry, today announced the formation of a technology partnership with AIRTIME-Manager (www.airtimemanager.com), a leading provider of mobile time tracking and billing applications for attorneys, professionals and commercial wireless users.  The agreement calls for the seamless integration between Smart WebParts’ Smart Time and AIRTIME-Manager’s A4P-Enterprise system.

AIRTME-A4P enables users to capture and log time on their Blackberry and iPhone devices.  After each call or email, the user is prompted to bill the time. A4P-Enterprise remembers billing matters for each contact, making it possible to log many events with a single click. Or, the user can log new time entries on their smartphone. Once logged the time entry is automatically posted to Smart Time. 

Smart Time helps timekeeping professionals construct complete and accurate timesheets. By polling key business systems (email, calendar, documents, voice, dictation, internet and research) Smart Time provides timekeepers with a detailed journal of the day’s activities that can instantly be turned into time entries.   The system also provides calendars, classic time entry, and desktop timers to provide time capture + time entry in one cohesive environment.

According to Todd Gerstein, CEO Smart WebParts, “AIRTIME-Manager shares our vision for developing timekeeping software that solve real-world challenges that optimize revenue, minimize the pain associated with timekeeping, and provide a rapid return on investment for law firms and other professional service organizations.  We are excited to be working with a partner that has such a wealth of experience in the mobile time capture and entry space.”

“Together, AIRTIME-Manager and Smart WebParts provide robust, multiplatform time capture and time entry,” says Kirk Fackre, AIRTIME-Manager’s CSO.  “We feel this is a unique offering in a market where new smartphones, tablets and operating systems hit the market on almost a daily basis.”

About Airtime Manager

AIRTIME-Manager (www.airtimemanager.com ) designs, develops, and delivers a suite of mission critical applications for wireless devices. AIRTIME’s applications fall into three product groups designed to meet the needs of professional services firms and business enterprises by mobilizing their offices on wireless devices:

  • AIRTIME-A4P automatically captures time associated with wireless calls and emails and delivers billable hours directly to the time entry or accounting system.
  • AIRTIME-A4Mail helps mobile professionals manage wireless client communications.
  • AIRTIME-A4Biz differentiates personal from business use of wireless devices for the purpose of expense management and allocation.

AIRTIME-Manager is located in Silver Spring, Maryland and can be reached at 877-247-4464.