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Product Announcement: Mail-It for Smart Time

LOS GATOS, CA. – August 2, 2011 – Smart WebParts (www.smart-webparts.com), the foremost provider of time capture + time entry technology for the legal industry, today announced the availability of Mail-It for Smart Time. Mail-It enables attorneys to email a time entry directly into Smart Time.  Mail-It joins Desktop Entry, Flick-It, Time-It and Mobile as the newest component of the Smart Time time entry toolset. Mail-It is included in Smart Time Enterprise.

According to Todd Gerstein, CEO of Smart WebParts: “It is so simple I wish we thought of it ourselves.  But, the idea came to us in an RFP for a new timekeeping system. The firm wanted to know if a timekeeper could email a time entry directly into Smart Time. They knew it would appeal to their timekeepers plus they wanted to augment their time entry mobile strategy. The moment we read it, we knew it was a good idea.  Email is pervasive. We immediately sent the idea to development.”

How does it work?  Steve Bronstein, CTO of Smart WebParts, replied: “Mail-It is easy to implement.  On the system side, we set up an email address called time@lawfirm.com.  We then set up Mail-It to monitor the inbox for incoming time entries.  As soon as the email is received, Mail-It parses the email, validates the data, creates the time entry and inserts it into Smart Time.”