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Smart WebParts Releases Smart Time Version 3.10 with Time Gap Analysis

Time Gap Analysis helps users identify and book missing time, while a new dashboard gives administrators insight into firm and individual work trends.

Smart WebPartsLOS GATOS, CA. – February 14, 2012  – Smart WebParts, the leading provider of timekeeping software for the legal industry, today announced the availability of Version 3.10, which adds Time Gap Analysis and a new Administrative Dashboard to the application.

Smart Time is an intuitive time entry and time capture software tool that gives timekeepers perfect recall, enabling them to prepare complete and accurate timesheets. It answers the question, “What did I do today and is it billable?” by providing the attorney a detailed journal of their day’s activities. Since Smart Time finds missed or “leaked” time that might not otherwise get billed, it can increase a firm’s billable hours and ultimately its profitability.

Smart Time polls a firm’s systems and desktops to find information about every event the timekeeper completed throughout the day. It finds emails, calendared meetings, phone calls, mobile calls, research, documents, dictation and more. Event data is cross-referenced by the Smart Time Relationship Engine to assign client matter codes, while supplementary data is added to the event descriptions to help jog the timekeeper’s memory. Users can access the system via the Smart Time desktop, a nightly automated email report or via a mobile device.

With this release, Todd Gerstein, CEO and founder of Smart WebParts, highlighted the company’s emphasis on maintaining an aggressive product development cycle. “With every release, you will see new features to improve the user experience,” he said. “Our products are designed to be intuitive and highly personalized, and this latest version of Smart Time delivers on both counts.”

Time Gap Analysis allows the user to drill down on daily, weekly and monthly views within an “Outlook-like” calendar interface to find gaps of work not yet converted into time entries. Within the weekly or daily views, users can also see time entries organized on a timeline, which the user can then use to edit, create new entries, or see gaps that need filled.

The new Administrative Dashboard offers system administrators the big picture of what’s happening firmwide, officewide and with each timekeeper, through its ability to display working patterns and trends over different timeframes. Additionally, using it enables better management of the integration between Smart Time and the accounting system.

Smart Time is available in two editions.

  1. Pro  Edition: Ideal for organizations that want to provide their timekeepers with Time Capture reports but are not yet ready to replace their legacy time entry system.
  2. Enterprise Edition: The right choice for organizations that want to replace their legacy time entry systems with a complete system that includes both time capture and time entry.

“We love creating products that excel in every way. When we see room for improvement, we don’t wait for the market or a firm to compel us to undertake new development. We build products that perform, are customizable, reliable and richly featured so that our users stay happy and share in our competitive advantage,” said Steve Bronstein, CTO and Founder of Smart WebParts.

About Smart WebParts

Smart WebParts, LLC (www.smart-webparts.com) provides innovative software solutions designed to help law firms and other professional services organizations maximize profits. The team consists of experts with more than 100 years combined experience in the finance, accounting, process engineering and technology industries. Leveraging this expertise, Smart WebParts employs proven, best-of-breed technologies, tools and production processes, and innovates and creates new tools when necessary. Smart WebParts is a privately held company headquartered in Los Gatos, California with an office in London serving the EMEA market.