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    In this blog we will share our thoughts on timekeeping, industry best practices and how technology can help improve the process.

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Smart WebParts Releases Smart Time Mobile Flick-It for the iPad

Browser-based mobility helps users book time anywhere, anytime, on any tablet device.

LOS GATOS, CA. – June 19, 2012 – Smart WebParts (http://www.smartwebparts.com/), the leading provider of timekeeping software for the legal industry, today announced the availability of Smart Time Version 3.12, with support for  iPad, Android and Windows tablets.

“In order to support multiple platforms, we’ve built a browser-based solution in HTML5 that offers a single code set to support every tablet browser, “said Steve Bronstein, CTO and founder of Smart WebParts. “This format enables users to get the benefits of the Smart Time system without worrying about updating an app. Instead, this model instantly delivers the most up-to-date version of Smart Time directly to the device.”

“Tablets are changing the way everyone works,” said Todd Gerstein, CEO and founder of Smart WebParts. “With this release, we’re staying in step with our users, giving them a simple, seamless way to enter time when they’re on the go.”

Smart Time is an intuitive time entry and time capture software tool that gives timekeepers perfect recall, enabling them to prepare complete and accurate timesheets. It answers the question, “What did I do today and is it billable?” by providing the attorney a detailed journal of their day’s activities. Since Smart Time finds missed or “leaked” time that might not otherwise get billed, it can increase a firm’s billable hours and, ultimately, its profitability.

Smart Time polls a firm’s systems and desktops to find information about every event the timekeeper completed throughout the day. It finds emails, calendared meetings, phone calls, mobile calls, research, documents, dictation and more. Event data is cross-referenced by the Smart Time Relationship Engine to assign client matter codes, while supplementary data is added to the event descriptions to help jog the timekeeper’s memory. Users can access the system via the Smart Time desktop, a nightly automated email report or via a mobile device.

Smart Time is available in two editions.

  1. Pro Edition: Ideal for organizations that want to provide their timekeepers with Time Capture reports but are not yet ready to replace their legacy time entry system.
  2. Enterprise Edition: The right choice for organizations that want to replace their legacy time entry systems with a complete system that includes both time capture and time entry.

For more information contact us at info@smartwebparts.com