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Smart WebParts Widens Global Reach with Smart Time Version 3.15 Release

Improvements encompass global language functions, smartphone call history and the administrative dashboard.

San Francisco, CA – January 23, 2013 – Smart WebParts (www.smartwebparts.com), the innovative leader in timekeeping software, today announced the availability of Smart Time Version 3.15, with three key functionalities better aligned to meet global, mobile and administrative needs.

“We’re bringing Smart Time to an even wider audience with improvements to the software’s language capabilities,” said Todd Gerstein, CEO and founder of Smart WebParts. “And, administrators of Smart Time will find it ever easier to adopt thanks to new dashboard features that simplify use.”

Global users will now have access to a language skin, which customizes the user interface, multiple language dictionaries for spell checking, and Unicode support for 48 different languages, including English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

Additionally, both Android and iPhone call histories can be secured for the Smart Time time capture engine. For Android, it’s an applet for the smartphone that emails the call history to Smart Time for processing. For iPhone, it’s a utility that backs up call history. And, as always, Smart Time supports BlackBerry devices via a BES Connector.

Finally, administrators of Smart Time will be glad to find new functions that allow easier management of the application, users, accounting integration and data store connectors.

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Smart WebParts, LLC (www.smartwebparts.com) provides innovative software solutions designed to help law firms maximize profits. The team consists of experts in finance, accounting, technology and software. Leveraging this expertise, Smart WebParts employs proven, best-of-breed technologies, tools and production processes, and innovates and creates new tools when necessary. Smart WebParts is a privately held company headquartered in Los Gatos, California with an office in London serving the EMEA market.