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    This blog is sponsored by Smart Time Apps. Our flagship product, Smart Time, is an all-in-one time management platform for attorneys, accountants and consultants. The Smart Time on-demand time capture and time entry application enables firms to effectively collect, track and recoup billable time, thereby increasing revenue and profitability. Our mobile apps enable you to do timekeeping anywhere, anytime.

    In this blog we will share our thoughts on timekeeping, industry best practices and how technology can help improve the process.

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Smart Time Launches Competitive Swap Out Program for Tikit Carpe Diem Customers

Campbell, CA – October 20, 2014 – Smart Time Apps, the leader in timekeeping software for law firms, today announced a competitive swap-out program for firms using Tikit Carpe Diem software. The swap-out program offers existing Tikit Carpe Diem customers a straightforward, cost effective upgrade path to Smart Time.

Smart Time is an all-in-one timekeeping platform for law, accounting and professional services firms. The Smart Time timekeeping platform includes time entry, time capture and mobile modules. Any one of the modules can be installed independently or together to create a complete timekeeping platform. Smart Time enables firms to effectively collect, track and recoup billable time, thereby increasing revenue and profitability.

“Improved timekeeping is a growing concern to law firms” said Todd Gerstein, CEO of Smart Time Apps. “We invite Carpe Diem customers looking for a better solution, personalized customer service, reasonable price and ongoing product innovation to check out Smart Time.”

About Us

Smart Time Apps creates software solutions that maximize profits for law, accounting and professional services firms. Our flagship product, Smart Time, is an all-in-one time management platform. Our team of experts specializes in finance, accounting, marketing, process engineering and technology. We utilize best-of-breed technologies, as well as the most advanced tools and production processes. We have built a dedicated team, who offer solutions that are unique in the industry.

Smart Time Apps is privately held and is headquartered in Campbell, California. For more information visit our website at www.smartwebparts.com.

Carpe Diem is a registered trademark of BT Tikit, which is not affiliated with Smart Time Apps

Smart WebParts and AIRTIME-Manager Announce Technology Partnership

Los Gatos, California – February 10, 2011 – Smart WebParts (www.smart-webparts.com), a leading provider of time capture + time entry technology for the legal industry, today announced the formation of a technology partnership with AIRTIME-Manager (www.airtimemanager.com), a leading provider of mobile time tracking and billing applications for attorneys, professionals and commercial wireless users.  The agreement calls for the seamless integration between Smart WebParts’ Smart Time and AIRTIME-Manager’s A4P-Enterprise system.

AIRTME-A4P enables users to capture and log time on their Blackberry and iPhone devices.  After each call or email, the user is prompted to bill the time. A4P-Enterprise remembers billing matters for each contact, making it possible to log many events with a single click. Or, the user can log new time entries on their smartphone. Once logged the time entry is automatically posted to Smart Time. 

Smart Time helps timekeeping professionals construct complete and accurate timesheets. By polling key business systems (email, calendar, documents, voice, dictation, internet and research) Smart Time provides timekeepers with a detailed journal of the day’s activities that can instantly be turned into time entries.   The system also provides calendars, classic time entry, and desktop timers to provide time capture + time entry in one cohesive environment.

According to Todd Gerstein, CEO Smart WebParts, “AIRTIME-Manager shares our vision for developing timekeeping software that solve real-world challenges that optimize revenue, minimize the pain associated with timekeeping, and provide a rapid return on investment for law firms and other professional service organizations.  We are excited to be working with a partner that has such a wealth of experience in the mobile time capture and entry space.”

“Together, AIRTIME-Manager and Smart WebParts provide robust, multiplatform time capture and time entry,” says Kirk Fackre, AIRTIME-Manager’s CSO.  “We feel this is a unique offering in a market where new smartphones, tablets and operating systems hit the market on almost a daily basis.”

About Airtime Manager

AIRTIME-Manager (www.airtimemanager.com ) designs, develops, and delivers a suite of mission critical applications for wireless devices. AIRTIME’s applications fall into three product groups designed to meet the needs of professional services firms and business enterprises by mobilizing their offices on wireless devices:

  • AIRTIME-A4P automatically captures time associated with wireless calls and emails and delivers billable hours directly to the time entry or accounting system.
  • AIRTIME-A4Mail helps mobile professionals manage wireless client communications.
  • AIRTIME-A4Biz differentiates personal from business use of wireless devices for the purpose of expense management and allocation.

AIRTIME-Manager is located in Silver Spring, Maryland and can be reached at 877-247-4464.

Smart Time Product Briefing

Join us as we shine the product spotlight on Smart Time, the remarkable time capture and time entry system taking the legal industry by storm. Built in Microsoft Silverlight, Smart Time’s intuitive user interface reinvents time entry.

In this webinar we will demonstrate the product and illustrate how it improves time capture and increases booked hours. 

Smart Time assists timekeepers by automatically reconstructing their day. The system tracks the detail of the timekeeper’s interactions with key business systems – emails, calendared events, phone calls, mobile calls, document management, web surfing and more – and lists them in our grid for easy review and conversion into time entries.



January 25 & 27
February 1, 3, 8 & 10

All webinars are approximately one hour long with ample time for questions and answers.  Register today.

Hughes Hubbard Is the Latest Firm to Crack the Time Keeping Whip

From Above the Law
By Elie Mystal

I find it funny that firms that want to skimp on bonuses also expect associates to make sure they are helping the overall health and performance of the firm. At some level, why should associates care if the firm is up to date on its collections? It’s not like that money is going to trickle down to the time keepers once their hours are realized. Hell, we’ve got people in the comments claiming they are going to purposely underbill in order to hurt firms in 2011 for stinginess in 2010.

The firms aren’t wrong to be doing everything they can to get associates to enter in their hours in a timely fashion. Time keeping is more accurate when you do it every day (as opposed to trying to recreate your days at the end of the week or month). Firms are struggling to collect from their clients. And, for what it’s worth, billing hours is part of the job for attorneys. I just find it ironic that firms are trying to pressure their associates to produce more money for them even as they are sharing a smaller percentage of those profits with associates.

It’s pretty clear that being a part of a Biglaw firm isn’t a “team” proposition. Everybody for themselves; that’s how the partners act, and that’s how partners expect associates to act.

And so Hughes Hubbard is bringing a little personal punishment to associates who are late with their time…

If you’ve been following along with Above the Law, you know that a number of firms have stepped up the pressure on associate time keeping. Simpson Thacher, defenders of the cheap Cravath bonus scale, got the ball rolling back in November, by threatening to dock the pay of associates who were delinquent with their billable hours.

Then Steve Pesner of Akin Gump sent out an email (an email that still hasn’t been repudiated by Akin Gump management) threatening the livelihood of all the associates in his department. Later, Brown Rudnick tried the “get more flies with honey than with petulant screaming” tactic, by offering to raffle off free iPads for time keepers who were up to date with their time.

The Hughes Hubbard plan is along the lines of STB’s: punishing delinquent timekeepers with pay cuts. Hughes Hubbard is proposing significant, irrevocable docks in pay for people who are more than five days late in entering their time. The new rule is buried in a lengthy firm-wide email touting the virtues of a new timekeeping system. Here’s the pertinent part:

We are confident that the new Elite Webview time system will make it even easier for the Firm’s timekeepers to enter their time on a contemporaneous basis. To compliment that new system, we are implementing a new approach to the issue of late time: if a timkeeper has more than five business days of late time prior to any payroll date, the timkeeper’s gross salary will be reduced by 5% in the first instance, prospectively for the next pay date. The reduction will be increased to 10% in the second instance and to 20% in the third instance and any subsequent instance. The reduced salary will continue in effect until the timekeeper’s time is no longer more than five business days in arrears by a payroll date.

There will be no retroactive restoration of a timekeeper’s reduced salary unless, in the discretion of the Chief Operating Officer or his designee after a showing of exceptional circumstances, the Chief Operating Officer or his designee approves an exception in writing. If a timekeeper has any reason to believe that he or she will be unable to complete time records in compliance with this policy, the timkeeper must communicate this in advance to the Chief Operating Officer or his designee.

The new policy will become effective on January 1, 2011 in all of our U.S. offices (save for Los Angeles, which is implementing a different program to address the late-time problem).

Damn. Up to a 20% reduction, with no restoration absent a written exception? Hughes Hubbard is like the not f**king around crew.

However, according to the Hughes Hubbard associates committee, “this not f***ing around thing is about to go both ways.” Here’s the response from the associates committee:

Dear colleagues:

The associates committee will be collecting questions about the new time policy described in the [prior] email. Please read that email and the new policy carefully. In addition to being sent during a week when most people are out, the headline is buried deep in the fourth paragraph.

In short, the firm has a new policy of reducing your salary for late time entries. Late is defined as five days. The salary reductions can cut as deeply as 20% of your gross pay. The policy is going into effect as of January 1, 20111 except in our LA and Paris offices (because the policy is illegal in those jurisdictions). You will want to ensure that your secretary gets your time in promptly and no longer enters it in batches.

If you have any questions about the policy that you would like for the associates committee to raise to the partnership, please send them to me and I will pass them on.

They sound pissed.

But really, what are they going to do? You’re supposed to enter your time, on time. You can bitch about it, but at the end of the day you exist to make money for the firm. All you can really hope for is to work for a firm that will reinvest some of those profits back into your bank account.

And if you really want to work for a place like that, you should probably send in a résumé to Cahill or Kirkland or Boies or some other firm that pays top of the market bonuses.